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What’s life without some sass in it?!?

Hip, playful, casual, and intimate - Suzy Q is everything the fun-loving and urban Bangalorean wants. The vibe is infectious and the experience is just out-and-out fun; It’s a place with spunk, a big personality and let's just say Suzy Q is sassy and she knows it!

So, what’s the food like?

Suzy Q features a menu that is loaded with comfort food and is specially curated keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of Bangaloreans. The menu explores the global cuisine and local influences with a keen focus on traditional coastal delicacies, regional Indian cuisine, Continental, succulent grills, and Tapas. It’s comfort food that both fills you and lifts you up!


What about the cocktails and drinks, you ask?

Well, a blend of traditional, signature and Indian flavoured cocktails make for a crafty and quirky cocktail menu. At Suzy Q, you get the sassiest cocktails in town, period. The bar menu is extensive and stocked with all your favourites. With red, white and rosé wines, beers, whiskey, blended scotch, tequila, brandy, rum, liqueurs and much more, let’s just say we have everything you need for a good time.


Sounds great! What about the ambiance?

The interiors of Suzy Q are a heady mix of the classical and the edgy. From the eye-popping artworks peppered on the walls to quirky statues, it represents what Suzy Q is all about - strong, fierce and full of personality. The overall vibe is relaxed, casual and open. There is no better place to unwind and chill with your gang!

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Overall, expect a playful yet chic experience at Suzy Q. It’s an everyday bar that adds a little something extra. It has an uptown vibe that makes you want to come back each and every time you’re here. Sit back, relax and let the food, music, drinks and conversations flow freely at Suzy Q.